6 Reasons To Avoid An FSBO Listing of Your House In Sterling

For many people, a rule of thumb is to avoid an FSBO listing at all costs, whether they’re buying or selling. They do whatever they can to avoid listing their houses for sale by owner – even if it costs them more – and they also steer clear of looking at homes not listed with … Continued

5 Unexpected Moving Costs Sterling Buyers and Sellers Should Be Aware Of

Changing your residence can be full of unexpected moving costs, and the numbers can add up quickly. To properly prepare, both buyers and sellers need to know about these costs so no one is surprised at the last minute. Here are 5 unexpected moving costs Sterling buyers and sellers should be aware of. INSURANCE COVERAGE AND … Continued

What Sterling Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About Cloudy Title

Cloudy title is one of those terms that you don’t hear much about until it happens to you. And when it happens to a buyer or a seller, it can quickly tank a sale right before it’s ready to go through. To protect yourself as either a buyer or a seller, it’s important to understand what … Continued

Accessibility at Home: Tips for House Hunters

Accessibility at Home: Tips for House Hunters House hunting can be a long and tiresome process, especially when you have particular needs to consider. Finding the right accessible home means a lot when you or a loved one require certain modifications, and if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll often encounter some limitations when you’re … Continued

Closing Costs Explained For Sterling Buyers and Sellers

When you’re buying or selling a home, it can be difficult to get closing costs explained in a way you understand easily. From knowing whether your purchase is subject to an escrow deposit to knowing who pays the appraisal fee, it can be confusing. Closing costs – or the fees associated with the purchase of … Continued

Implications of Selling a House in Sterling on Your 2019 Taxes

Selling your home means a lot of exciting changes, but it can impact one thing you may not consider: Your 2019 taxes. When you sell a home, you typically receive a one-time influx of money that, depending on your tax status and the home price, may greatly impact how much you owe on your taxes. But will … Continued

Using The Kon Mari Method To Sell Your House In Sterling

To help you quickly and effectively get rid of your excess belongings before you list, you may want to consider using the Kon Mari method to sell your house. This style of decluttering and organizing was popularized by a Netflix special that debuted in early 2019, and people started giving away piles of their belongings. When … Continued

How Sterling Home Sellers Will Benefit From Listing In The Winter

Summer is a popular time to sell your house, but there is a wide range of benefits from listing in the winter. If you are considering selling your home, you may want to consider this less-popular time of year, even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Here are 6 great reasons listing in the winter is a … Continued

5 Cleaning Hacks To Get Your House Ready For The MLS In Sterling

It can be stressful to get your house ready for the MLS in Sterling, especially if you and your family are still living in it during the process. You always feel as if you have to keep your home show-ready just in case someone wants to see it. This can be a challenge when you’re dealing … Continued

How to sell your house fast with a realtor in Sterling?

Sell your house fast with a realtor in Sterling? Austin Harley Group Are you thinking to yourself, how do you sell your house fast with a realtor? Because listing with a realtor can be a hassle right? You have to go through showings, repairs, and pay a lot of money to commissions right? Well the industry … Continued