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What is the best paint color for selling a house in Sterling?

The best paint color for selling a house…

Best paint colors to paint a house - Sell Your House in 30 Days - Austin Harley Group

After selling a lot of homes in Sterling, we started to realize that if we started painting our client’s houses a specific color, they would not only sell for more money, but also sell faster so you didn’t have to go through the hassle of having so many showings, open houses, so on and so forth. I’m going to show you the best paint color, your return on investment, and how much you should be spending when painting your house.

In this video, we’re actually standing inside my condo in Sterling, Virginia and I just got this a house completely painted. I ended up going with the most popular color in 2019 and 2020 which is, you probably already guessed it, the agreeable gray. On a side note, I’m going to leave the best paint color for selling a house down below, so feel free to skip ahead and start painting away. Now, one of the most common objections that I’ve gotten from my sellers about the light gray color is that it’s not going to go with their color hardwood. It’s not going to go with their color cabinets and buyers are just not going to overall like it. It’s just not going to go with the theme of their house.

Best paint color for selling a house in Northern VA
Here is an example of the Herndon VA house looked like before we painted it. Before Pic.

But after doing lots of transactions and actually testing the best paint color for selling a house in a few different home sales, we found that light gray (agreeable grey) actually does go well with every single kitchen and almost every single color hardwood. Regardless if it’s oak color or if it’s the dark brown, it doesn’t matter. (Example of best paint color for selling a house the side of this article) We found that those homes that were painted the gray versus that just normal beige color have sold almost twice as fast and have sold for a considerably higher amount of money.

Here’s a quick side by side comparison of my kitchen over here that I just painted the light gray. This is the light gray color over here that I just painted, the color code exactly is “agreeable gray”. Now I’m going to take you into my marketing room where I shoot most of my videos. I’m going to show you an example of the paint color that I bought this house with. So you can see it’s just that normal, boring, off-white. A lot of buyers, from my experience that I’ve dealt with, don’t like it. There’s no warmth to painting your house off-white. That’s kind of a side by side comparison for you. (Watch Video Below)

Should you spend the money to paint your house before selling?

best paint color for selling a house
Here’s an example for the best paint color for selling a house in Herndon VA. After Pic.

As a real estate agent in Sterling, the real question is if you should spend the money to get your house painted before selling, YES! But that doesn’t mean you have to in order to sell it. Now hear me out. We have found that every single house that was painted that light gray color has sold faster and for more, and the houses that have not, that had been painted a more personable color, have not sold as fast or for more. Now the big question is should you spend the money? And that entirely depends on your situation. And we’re going to go into a live example now.

I just listed and went under contract with a house over in Stafford, Virginia. (Pictures Below) The house was overall pretty personalized, the walls were painted blue, it had some accent walls here and there. So did not go with the best paint color for selling a house, instead we did touch ups. This was mainly because it was out of the seller’s budget and there wasn’t a lot of room in the equity. So how did we get the most return on investment back from painting the house? We went with a lighter version of the same color she had on her walls. This is crucial, because we knew that painting over the previous blue would have required 3-4 coats of paint, which costs more money in labor and material. And guess what, after 2 days on the market, we sold for $3,000 above asking with imperfect paint in rooms, and walls needing patches. This is a key example of knowing when and when not to paint your house before selling on the market!

And it entirely depends on your market! Your neighborhood, and more importantly, what homes are selling for around you. I know because I’ve done many transactions in Stafford, Virginia that the buyer demand for an entry level townhouse in Stafford, is not going to expect tip top shape, perfect gray walls, pristine cabinets or anything crazy of that sort. I knew we could get away with just doing touch-ups to maximize on her ROI, or return on investment. Now a house or a single family house over and let’s just say Herndon, Virginia is going to benefit immensely from getting the whole house painted. And more importantly on top of that, you may be thinking to yourself, where can I cut corners?

Will you get more money for painting your entire house?

Example of touch up paint in Stafford VA sale
Example of touch up paint in Stafford VA sale

Maybe you can save some money on labor and material if you just paint the hallways and not paint the rooms or not paint the basement. The truth is that painting the basement does result in a higher sales price for single family homes in Sterling. And painting the rooms actually does not all the times, and it depends on how many bedrooms you have and the bathrooms also play a huge part in that as well. You should at least on the main level, get all of the bathrooms done. Now that may have been a little bit kind of vague the way I answered that question, but the truth is there’s so many different types of situations and it truly does take a professional to come to your house and tell you exactly what needs to be done to get it sold. Call us directly for a free, no obligation consultation here 703-495-2990, or visit us here,

How much does painting your house cost?

Which leads us to the last topic of how much should it actually cost to get your house painted?

Example of touch up paint in Stafford VA sale
Example of touch up paint in Stafford VA sale

Now generally, a three level townhouse is going to cost my sellers around $3000 total with materials. These are my contractor labor and material quotes. They could definitely differ from a lot of other people out there. I give my contractors a lot of work, so I tend to get a decent discount. Oh, and by the way, the townhouses are pretty much going to be the same cost as condos. Now, stepping into the single family world. Single families houses around 3,500 square feet entire ground level up, including the bedrooms is going to cost us my labor quote around $3,500 plus material. If you want to throw in the basement, it’s going to cost around another $1000. Now this all includes for the most part, fixing minor drywall damages, caulking any crown molding, touching up semi-gloss on the trim and pretty much getting the house completely market ready. If you would like a free quote on your house, call me directly at 703-495-2990 or contact us here.

Now those are extremely good prices. Most painters are not going to be able to beat those prices. But again, this is because I do a high volume of transactions with my contractors so they can afford to take a hit and do more volume. Random contractors if you’re going to call up someone on Angie’s list, is probably going to cost you around $1000 more than the quotes that I just gave you. The good thing is you can reach out to me anytime, I’ll leave my contact information below if you’re interested in selling or…If you want a free consultation with someone from my team or myself to come out to your property and tell you exactly how to get it sold. But in a nutshell, that’s all we have time for today.

Are you considering selling?

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If you have any questions or you need help selling your house, or you’re just truly considering selling your house and maybe you want to get it painted and you’re thinking of selling a year down the road, leave a message for me. I’m going to leave my email, my phone, you can text, call anytime, but our consultations are completely free, no obligation. And if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and check out some of the other contents I have on my website. Anyways, it’s Austin with the Austin Harley Group and thank you so much and we look forward to serving you.

Well there you have it…that’s the best paint color for selling a house in Sterling and surrounding area including, Sterling VA, Herndon, VA, Ashburn VA, Manassas VA, Gainesville VA, Bristow VA, Haymarket VA, Woodbridge VA, Fairfax VA, and more…

If you want to sell your house fast and don’t have the budget…we can front money for contractor services to sell your house for max price. Contact us today for a free quote, 703-495-2990 or visit us here at to sell your house fast in Sterling!

Best Paint Color For Selling Your House:

Agreeable Grey – 7029 – Sherwin Williams

Manchester Tan – HC-81 – Benjamin Moore

Modern Grey .- 7632 – Sherwin Williams

Repose Grey – 7015 – Sherwin Williams

More Tan Colors:

Holo – OC-46 – Benjamin Moore

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